SAHPA is an acronym for the South African Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association with a scope for the following sports:

  • paragliders (PG)
  • hang gliders (HG)
  • powered paragliders (PPG)
  • powered hang gliders (PHG)
  • para-trikes

All pilots that part take in these sports must be licensed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA), as required by the Civil Aviation Act.


SACAA issued a mandate to SAHPA for the following:

  • To oversee and develop the safe operation of its members and continuously evaluate compliance with the condition of its approved MOP, the SACAR and standards as determined by RAASA
  • To advise RAASA on regulatory amendments applicable to its operation
  • To notify RAASA of any-non-compliance by its members of its MOP
  • Approval subject to regular review and audits as required by RAASA from time to time”

(see South African Civil Aviation Regulations, 2011, as amended, Regulation 149.01.1)

The full ARO certificate is available here.

Note: RAASA has been absorbed into SACAA, any references to RAASA should be interpreted as being synonymous with SACAA.