The IPPI card is an international proficiency card that serves as a standardised way to assess a pilot’s skill level and qualifications in paragliding and hang gliding. It allows pilots to demonstrate their proficiency and experience when participating in flying activities across different countries and regions.

The card typically includes information about the pilot’s skill level, experience, and any relevant certifications. Different levels of the IPPI card may be associated with various flying tasks and maneuvers, reflecting the pilot’s capabilities and training. This system helps ensure a common understanding of a pilot’s skill level globally and facilitates the recognition of qualifications in the international paragliding and hang gliding community.

IPPI Levels

IPPI ParaPro LevelSouth African LicenceDescription
IPPI Level 1 - Ground SkimmingNot flying higher than you would care to fall
IPPI Level 2 - Altitude GlidingAltitude and space to do manoeuvres, no soaring.
IPPI Level 3 - Active FlyingPreparing for turbulence, recovery and descending techniques.
IPPI Level 4 - SoaringBasic LicenceUsing both ridge and thermal lift
IPPI Level 5 - Senior pilotSport LicenceMastering one or more advanced practices
IPPI Level 6 - Tandem pilotTandem RatingNon-commercial

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