This register is maintained ‘as-is’ to prospective students who are trying to find a suitable and approved school. It is not the authoritative source of information.

SAHPA does not provide any approval, endorsement, certification or oversight of training (CAR Part 141) or commercial (CAR Part 96) operations. This function is performed exclusively by the Civil Aviation Authority.

When considering training with a particular school, please contact the CAA for proof (in the form of a DTO Certificate) by sending an email to In the subject line of your email, please use “VERIFICATION OF TRAINING APPROVAL”.

NameDTO Approval (Part 141)Accountable ManagerChief Flight InstructorProvinceDistrictsApproval CertificateDisciplinesWebsiteDescription
Air School ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAARia MoothilalRia MoothilalWestern CapeCity of Cape Town Metropole, Garden Route District, Overberg District, West Coast District, Cape Winelands DistrictSACAA/0034/DTO2023-10-31Paragliding, Tandem Flight Experience, Guiding,
AirventuresSchoolApproved by CAACal DykerCal DykerEastern CapeNelson Mandela Bay MetropoleSACAA/0055/DTO2024-01-31Paragliding, Tandem Flight ExperienceAirventures
Attitude4Altitude Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAATracey KingTracey KingGauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Western CapeBojanala Platinum District, Garden Route District, Ehlanzeni District, Nkangala DistrictSACAA/0044/
Birdmen Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAABarry PedersenBarry PedersenWestern CapeCity of Cape Town Metropole, Garden Route District, Overberg District, West Coast District, Cape Winelands DistrictSACAA/0031/DTO2023-09-30Paragliding, Paramotor, Guiding, Flying
Blue Gravity Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAAKevin StorieKevin StorieGauteng, North West, Mpumalanga, Western CapeBojanala Platinum District, City of Tshwane Metropole, Garden Route DistrictSACAA/0001/DTO2025-03-25Paragliding, Paramotor,
Cape Hope ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAFrancois de VilliersFrancois de VilliersWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0058/DTO2023-09-30Paragliding, Tandem Flight
Cape Town Tandem ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAManu WegmershausSteve BurdWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0051/DTO2023-10-31Tandem Flight
Cloudbase Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAAJan Minnaar & Khobi BowdenJan MinnaarWestern CapeGarden Route DistrictSACAA/0009/DTO2023-09-30Paragliding, Tandem Flight Experience,
Dolphin Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAADeon BorrettDeon BorrettWestern CapeGarden Route DistrictSACAA/0059/DTO2024-02-29K2022682676Tandem Flight ExperienceDolphin Paragliding School
Fly Cape Town ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAStephan KrugerStephan KrugerWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0019/DTO2023-09-30K2013207410Paragliding, Tandem Flight
Fly Plett ParaglidingSchoolNot approved, may not operatePeter ViljoenNot registered
Flytime Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAAPete WallendaPete WallendaWestern CapeGarden Route DistrictSACAA/0052/DTO2023-09-30Paragliding, Tandem Flight
Fly With Us Paragliding aka MrFlyCapeSchoolNot approved, may not operateJason ErweeNot registered
Go ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAJan De JagerJan De JagerWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0045/DTO2023-10-31Paragliding, Tandem Flight
Icarus ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAJacques Du PlessisJacques Du PlessisWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0046/DTO2023-10-30Tandem Flight
Let's Fly Paragliding WildernessSchoolApproved by CAAMichail van der WaltMichail van der WaltWestern CapeGarden Route DistrictSACAA/0053/DTO2023-09-30Paragliding, Tandem Flight Experience,
MountAIRSchoolApproved by CAAZelda PeenzeZelda PeenzeWestern CapeGarden Route DistrictSACAA/0050/DTO2024-04-30Tandem Flight ExperienceMountAIR
Nirvana AfricaSchoolApproved by CAAEugene CussonsEugene CussonsMpumalanga, Gauteng, North West, LimpopoBojanala Platinum District, City of Tshwane Metropole, Ehlanzeni DistrictSACAA/0066/DTO2024-02-29Paragliding, Paramotor,
Paraglide Africa (Pty) LtdSchoolApproved by CAATheunis De BruinTheunis De BruinWestern CapeCity of Cape Town Metropole, Garden Route DistrictSACAA/0022/DTO2023-10-31K2019071962Paragliding, Tandem Flight
Tandem Paraglide CC t/a Paraglide SASchoolApproved by CAAWayne HeuerWayne HeuerWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0026/DTO2023-12-31B2011083412Paragliding, Tandem Flight ExperienceParaglide SA
Paramotor SA (Pty) Ltd t/a Epic AviationSchoolApproved by CAARiaan StruwigRiaan StruwigGauteng, North West, MpumalangaCity of Tshwane Metropole, Garden Route District, Bojanala Platinum DistrictSACAA/0012/DTO2024-04-30Paragliding,
Para-Pax Tandem Paragliding FlightsSchoolNot approved, may not operateStef JunckerNot
Parapente CCSchoolApproved by CAASteven BurdSteven BurdWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0014/DTO2023-09-30B1991018139Tandem Flight
Rock On Adventures (Pty) Ltd t/a Sky Safari AdventuresSchoolApproved by CAAHandré FouchéHandré FouchéWestern CapeCity of Cape Town Metropole, Garden Route DistrictSACAA/0038/DTO2024-05-30K2012064861Paragliding, Tandem Flight Experience, Guiding, Flying
Safari ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAFrancois Miog Francois Miog Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West,Western CapeBojanala Platinum District, City of Tshwane Metropole, Garden Route DistrictSACAA/0041/
SA Paragliding School t/a Hi5 ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAARuard de BruynGrant Van RooyenWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0032/DTO2024-06-30Tandem Flight
Signal Hill ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAFrank SwanepoelFrank SwanepoelWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0040/DTO2023-10-31Tandem Flight ExperienceSignal Hill Paragliding
Skyride ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAHeinrich MarlothHeinrich MarlothWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0067/DTO2023-05-31Tandem Flight
Skywings ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAKayhan DuraKane DuraWestern CapeCity of Cape Town Metropole, Garden Route DistrictSACAA/0063/DTO2023-11-30Tandem Flight
Square1 ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAMatthew van ZylMatthew van ZylWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0033/DTO2023-12-31Tandem Flight
Table Mountain ParaglidingSchoolApproved by CAAHerman VenterThomas WebbWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0025/DTO2023-10-31Tandem Flight
The Tandem Flight Co.SchoolApproved by CAAEarl ValentineThomas WebbWestern CapeCity of Cape Town MetropoleSACAA/0024/DTO2024-02-28Tandem Flight
Tom's Instructional TandemsSchoolApproved by CAATheunis de BruinTheunis de BruinWestern CapeCity of Cape Town Metropole, Garden Route DistrictSACAA/0021/DTO2024-08-31K2017127804Tandem Flight Experience
Wallendair Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAAPete WallendaPete WallendaWestern CapeGarden Route DistrictSACAA/0043/DTO2024-06-30B1994022322Paragliding,
Wild2FlySchoolApproved by CAAJohan AndersonJohan AndersonWestern CapeGarden Route DistrictSACAA/0047/DTO2023-12-31K2018230465Paragliding, Tandem Flight Experience,
Wildsky Paragliding SchoolSchoolApproved by CAAHans & Ria FokkensHans FokkensKwazulu-NatalSACAA/0028/DTO2023-10-31Paragliding, Paramotor, Tandem Flight
Winelands ParaglidingSchoolNot approved, may not operateMias de KlerkWestern CapeNot

Delays with re-issue of DTO Certificates

There are currently long delays within CAA to renew DTO Certificates, and as such, some DTO’s have expired certificates. The CAA does allow for a school to continue training provided the DTO has sent in their updated documentation and have paid for the renewal.


It is an offence in terms of Part 185 of the Civil Aviation Regulations to conduct aviation training without approval as defined in (CAR 141.08.2) from the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). This offence also includes a school “operating under” or “in association with” the DTO approval of another school.

In addition, it is also an offence to advertise aviation training (CAR 141.08.4) without displaying the SACAA DTO approval number.

Consumer Protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 applies to every transaction, agreement, advertisement, production, distribution, promotion, sale or supply of goods or services. This would be relevant in the following scenarios:

  • You have paid for your training, but the training course was cancelled.
  • You paid for a training course with a non-approved school, and your licence application was been rejected.
  • You bought equipment, and you were never provided with the equipment.
  • You bought new equipment, but you only discovered afterwards that the equipment has already been used.

Please ask the school about their Consumer Protection Policy.

If you have a dispute with a school or equipment reseller, you may consider lodging a complaint with the Consumer Goods & Services Ombud. This is not a matter that SAHPA has the jurisdiction or skills to resolve.

Incorrect information

School owners: Is your DTO not listed, or does your listing have incorrect information? Please submit the correct information by contacting the SAHPA Office with a copy of your DTO certificate.