Foreign Temporary Membership

Visiting foreign pilots may apply for a Foreign Pilot Membership (3 or 6 months).

Legulatory Requirements

Every foreign pilot flying a paraglider, hang-glider, paramotor or paratrike in South Africa is required to comply with the following:

Recognition of IPPI Card

  • Every visiting recreational pilot must have an IPPI 4 card (or greater)
  • Pilots with an IPPI 3 (or below) card are required to fly under supervision of an approved school.
  • Pilots flying with a passenger must have an appropriate tandem rating¬†with an IPPI 6 card.
  • APPI licences will only be accepted with an IPPI card.

Instructing or Commercial Tandem Flights

  • Foreign instructors may not conduct training or commercial tandem flights in South Africa.