The SAHPA Committee

Committee Members are unpaid volunteers who occupy these positions for a year. Their term automatically terminates at the SAHPA Annual General Meeting, after which the newly elected committee members take over the responsibility.

Executive Committee

Louis StanfordChairperson, ARO Accountable Manager+27(27)
Pete WallendaVice Chair‭+27 (83) 300-1755‬
Steve BurdTreasurer‭+27(67) 405-0004‬
Kevin StorieHead of Safety, ARO Compliance Officer+27(82)
Louise LiversedgeSecretary, ARO Quality Manager‭+27 (74) 152-2505‬

National Safety Committee

Kevin StorieNational Safety Officer+27(82)
Pete WallendaChief Flight Instructor & Rep (PG)+27(83)
Basjan Van HeerdenChief Flight Instructor & Rep (PPG)+27(82)
Lennox OlivierChief Flight Instructor & Rep (HG)+27(83)
Jan MinnaarSafety Officer: Garden Route‭+27(72) 696-8265‬

Competitions and Events