The SAHPA Committee

The SAHPA Committee is made up by the following group of volunteers who are elected annually by members, at the Annual General Meeting:

ChairmanPete Wallenda+27(83)
Vice ChairmanBrett Ellis+27(83)
TreasurerSteve Burd+27(67)
Compliance OfficerKevin Storie+27(82)
Head of SafetyKevin Storie+27(82)
Head of TrainingKevin Storie+27(82)
Quality ManagerLouise Liversedge+27(79)
Chief Flight Instructors
ParaglidingKevin Storie+27(82)
Hang GlidingLennox Olivier+27(83)
PoweredBasjan Van Heerden+27(82)
Paragliding (PG)John Henderson+27(83)2521069
Hang Gliding (HG)Lennox Olivier+27(83)
Powered Paragliding (PPG)Basjan Van Heerden+27(79)
Digital TransformationLouis Stanford+27(79)