Search & Rescue

The Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) must be contacted to assist with any aviation-related accident. The ARCC will arrange and coordinate all search & rescue related activities across Southern Africa.

You do not need medical aid or insurance to access the ARCC. Please do not waste time trying to self-rescue.

Contact ARCC Search & Rescue

What to do

  1. State your emergency (Accident, Heart Attack, etc)
  2. State your location/address (General Area, then GPS)
  3. Report complications (Scene: Tree Landing, Steep Cliff, Entrapment. Fracture, Bleeding, Breathing, etc)
  4. Supply your NAME and CELLPHONE number
  5. Hang up LAST and report back to the accident scene
  6. Remain accessible via cellphone.

Additional tips

  • NB! Never move the patient without a medical team!
  • Unclip the wing from the carabiners, making sure to not bump or move the patient. This ensures that a gust does not inflate and drag the patient any further. If necessary, cut the lines.
  • In hot weather, keep the patient hydrated with little sips of water and cooled down with a damp cloth. You can also use the wing to provide shade.
  • Spread the canopy out to attract increase visibility to rescuers. However, a helicopter will create a lot of turbulence, you should bunch up and secure the canopy before the helicopter arrives so that the canopy does not become a hazard for the helicopter.
  • Do not speak to the press. Refer journalists to the SAHPA National Safety Officer, who will arrange for a brief Press Release to be published.

After the Search & Rescue Operation is completed

  • Participating in a Search & Rescue operation can be traumatic for everyone involved. There is free trauma counselling available from Mayday-SA.