Audit Reports

SAHPA is recognised by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) as an Aviation Recreation Organisation (ARO), and thus it is a regulatory requirement (CAR 149.01.5) that SAHPA is audited regularly.

2023-08-14SACAAAd hoc Audit Report (re-issued)No findingsThe first version of the Ad-hoc Audit Report contained an accidental reference to the 2022 ad-hoc report, and was hus reissued by SACAA.SAHPA Adhoc Audit Report 31 July 2023.pdf
2022-12-02SACAAAnnual ARO Renewal Audit ReportNo findingsSAHPA ARO Renewal Audit Report.pdf
2022-09-19SACAADCA response to SAHPA appeal **N/aResponse from the DCA which confirmed that the appeal was successful and that the ad-hoc audit findings were overturned.ANNEXURE C.Appeal outcome letter SAHPA 19 SEP 2022.pdf
2022-09-16SAHPASAHPA appeal to the DCA *N/aSAHPA- 063-16-09-2022 - Audit Appeal to Director.pdf
2022-08-31SACAAAd hoc Audit Report (appealed)Level 2 & 3SAHPA appealed the findings with the DCA as SACAA cannot regulate by means of Technical Guidance Materlal.Audit report 31 Aug 2022-CAA11305.pdf
2021-11-30SACAAAnnual ARO Renewal Audit ReportNo findingsCAA-Audit-30-11-2021.pdf
2020-09-30SACAAAnnual ARO Renewal Audit ReportNo findingsCAA-Audit-30-09-2020.pdf
2020-01-16SACAAAnnual ARO Renewal Audit ReportLevel 2 & 3CAA-Audit-16-1-2022.pdf

*SAHPA appealed the Ad hoc Audit Finding from 2022-08-31 which made reference to SACAA’s GENERAL NOTICE # GAD-2021:ARO001.
**The appeal was successful, and the Director of Civil Aviation overturned the finding.


The SAHPA Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) certificate expired on 2023-02-28. All training is now conducted by SACAA-approved schools under a Declared Training Organisation (DTO) approval. All SAHPA ATO Audit reports have thus been excluded from this table.