SAHPA AGM on 31st October 2023 (Zoom link)

Good afternoon members,

This is a final reminder of the SAHPA AGM which is scheduled for Tuesday 31st October 2023 at 18:30.


All current members are invited to vote on 7 key items:

  • Vote for the next SAHPA Chairman
  • Vote for the next SAHPA Treasurer
  • 5 votes on resolutions to guide the incoming committee

You may vote using the digital voting system before, however please note that voting ends at 17:00 on the 31st October 2023.

Check your email for instructions and login details, it would have originated from Search your emails for “Simply Voting” if you can’t find it.

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  1. Welcome and apologies
  2. Minutes from previous AGM
  3. Agenda
  4. Chairman’s Annual Report (Louis Stanford)
  5. Financials (Steve Burd)
  6. Section reports
    • Paragliding (Kevin Storie)
    • Hang gliding (Lennox Olivier)
    • Powered (Basjan van Heerden)
  7. Safety (Kevin Storie)
  8. The SAHPA Office (Louise Liversedge)
  9. Compliance and Regulations (Kevin Storie)
  10. Resolutions
  11. Election Results
  12. General Business
  13. Closing

Meeting link

The meeting will be hosted online using the Zoom platform:

Meeting ID: 854 3590 9100
Passcode: 076214

The audio of this meeting will be recorded for the purpose of capturing minutes, and to provide reference to members who were unable to attend.


Louise Liversedge
The SAHPA Office
M: +27 741522505