Site Guide

Original content sourced from Greg Hamerton’s ‘Fresh Air Site Guide‘, 5th edition, 2006.

Use this information wisely and at your own risk.

Site NameLocationSite GradingPopularity
HermanusHermanus, Western CapeBasic*****
PortervillePorterville, Western CapeBasic*****
Lions Head (Löwenkopf)Cape Town, Western CapeBasic****
Signal HillCape Town, Western CapeSport*****
Table MountainCape Town, Western CapeSport*
LlandudnoCape Town, Western CapeBasic*
McLears BeaconCape Town, Western CapeSport*
Woodcutters HutCape Town, Western CapeSport*
Sir Lowrys PassCape Town, Western CapeBasic****
Map of AfricaWilderness, Western CapeBasic*****
SedgefieldSedgefield, Western CapeBasic*****
The HotelWilderness, Western CapeBasic****
Kleinkrantz - Car ParkWilderness, Western CapeBasic*****
Kleinkrantz - Sand DuneWilderness, South AfricaBasic*****
Mont Rochelle Nature ReserveFranschoek, Western CapeBasic***