The SAHPA Manual of Procedures (MOP) and Training & Procedures Manual (TPM) have been updated and were signed off by SACAA on the 19th March 2019. These are now in effect and replace the previous MOP. All pilots are requested to familiarise themselves with the MOP, whilst Instructors should also pay attention to the TPM. Please submit comments, corrections and suggestions.

Suggestion Box

The SAHPA website has been revamped to provide an online platform for simplifying and digitising the plethora of forms and checklists. Should you have any complaints or suggestions, please use the Suggestion Box.

Report an Incident

SAHPA is fully committed to developing a safety culture within our flying community. The most effective mechanism is the feedback loop of analysing and learning from our mistakes, without judgment or punitive measures.

You may Report an Incident, either as a Pilot-in-Command, Passenger or as a Witness. These reports are confidential and are submitted to the SAHPA Office for analysis. In the case of Serious Incidents and Fatalities, these are submitted to the SAHPA Head of Training for further investigation.