Protect, Administer and Promote

Our mission is to Protect, Administer and Promote the collective interests of recreational pilots in South Africa.

Protect the Sport

Protecting the sport means taking steps to ensure that we defend and preserve our privilege to fly. This may take the following forms:

  • Regulatory development,
  • Resisting excessive regulatory constraints such as:
    • Requiring all pilots to carry fire extinguishers on-board
    • Requiring all pilots to wear life-jackets when flying near bodies of water
    • Requiring all pilots to carry documentation on board such as maintenance records, operating procedures and flight plans.
  • Representing our interests with land owners
  • Obtaining permission from local authorities and municipalities.

Administer the sport

Administering the sport includes activities such as:

  • Maintaining the list of approved sites (the ENR 5.5),
  • Ensuring that 3rd Party Liability Aviation Insurance is valid,
  • Quality Assurance on Licence Renewals and Licence Upgrades,
  • Liaising with CAA to ensure licence applications are processed on time,
  • Maintaining membership with Aero Club,
  • Maintaining FAI recognition through Aero Club,
  • Supporting club activities,
  • Relationship with other sporting bodies.

Promoting the Sport

Promoting the sport through:

  • Establishment of a Development Plan
  • Registration as the National Sporting Body,
  • Promotion of competitions and events.