SAHPA AGM 2023 – Election Results

Good morning members,

The 2023 Annual General Meeting was held last night. In summary:

  • There was an objection to the nomination of Mias de Klerk for the Chairman position as he is undergoing enforcement action. This objection, and Mias’ response were read into the minutes.
  • Before the results were revealed, it was decided that the election process for the position of chairman was compromised due to non-disclosure and would be restarted after Mias was given an opportunity to clear his name with CAA. This process will be announced shortly.
  • Steven Burd was voted in as Treasurer after garnering 59.6% of the votes.
  • The results of the resolutions were discussed, and it was explained that these were to be used as input for the committee to make informed decisions.


Louise Liversedge
The SAHPA Office
M: +27 741522505