Take-off and landing on roads

Good morning,

The SAHPA Office has received a complaint about paraglider pilots launching from (and landing on) public roads at Kommetjie in Cape Town. The pilots and club have been notified to ensure that this does not happen again.

This is a good time to remind all pilots of Part 91 of the Civil Aviation Regulations:

CAR 91.06.1  No person shall use a public road as a place of landing or take-off in an aircraft, except—
(a) in the case of an emergency involving the safety of the aircraft or its occupants;
(b) for the purpose of saving human lives; or
(c) when involved in civil defence or law-enforcement operations: Provided that at all times reasonable care is taken for the safety of others with due regard to the prevailing circumstances.

Vehicle drivers are often unprepared for a paraglider laid out across the road (instead of the road verge). This is therefore hazardous to occupants of the vehicle, as well as bystanders and the pilot. If you are caught by law enforcement, the consequences may be a fine, or impounding of your equipment. Please be cautious when launching near a road so that you do not endanger pedestrians or passing traffic.

Judging from the number of foreign pilots registering on the SAHPA website, we are going to experience a very busy flying season, which will put pressure on launch and landing sites. Please be mindful that congestion and frayed tempers increases the risk of an accident.

Stay safe out there,

Louise Liversedge
The SAHPA Office
M: +27 741522505
E: office@sahpa.co.za