Office Update: September 2021

Dear SAHPA members

Welcome to Spring!
It certainly has been an interesting past few weeks here in SA weather wise, with winter’s icy grip seemingly attempting to speak a last few lines with some icy conditions and reports and pics of snow on many of our mountain ranges across the country (some light snow even having been reported last week in Botha’s Hill just outside of Durban) and while all at the same time the spring flowers on the west coast and within the Table Mountain National Park busy putting on some of the most magnificent shows in years.
Friends, we are heading into spring with the seasonal expectation of more lively and exciting flying conditions and expected warmer weather.  Soon, more of our members will be out and about and of course spreading their wings flying once more from the numerous flying sites across our county.
With this in mind, I would also like to encourage everyone to keep communicating their added value in line with “Safe flying and Shared knowledge” these two attitudes we deem fundamental in encouraging, training and promoting a Care Culture within our flying community.

We can probably all attest to the fact that some of our most valuable lessons have come from the shared knowledge and time spent with the more experienced, observing, asking questions and building accountable relationships.

For the newer pilots or pilots new to a flying site we encourage you to introduce yourselves and build rapport with local experienced pilots/instructors and share your pilots status/experience and ask for guidance.  (Even the seemingly grumpy grey-haired pilots were at one time newbies and are generally always willing to welcome and share what they know in line with the passion and love they have for this amazing sport.)
NB: “Safe flying and Shared Knowledge”


SAHPA’s finances are being managed prudently during these challenging economic times.  In line with this philosophy, we have remained consistent by not having increased member fees over the time this committee has been at the helm, nor are we proposing any increases in the future, despite the fall in revenue generating tourism. We are looking forward to more effectively managing CAA fees through the move to endorsements as opposed to licensing as contained in Part 106. 

2021/22 SAHPA Committee Elections

No nominations were received and with the current committee being prepared to stand for a further few months to complete their projects we will hold our AGM as planned on 27 October 2021 at 18:30, via Zoom.

New CAA licence cards

CAA has started issuing the new credit cards to all SAHPA members who have renewed. Unfortunately, the SAHPA office will not be able to assist you with copies as we have no access to this information.  All members will receive an email from CAA requesting you to register on the CAA portal.
Once registered, refresh and then you should be able to view your licence expiry date, licences and endorsements issued.  Before you start flying kindly submit the following:

  1. Please make a printout of the licence information form the CAA portal.
  2. Send a copy via email to for our records
  3. Keep the printout in your harness as proof of licence.

Once all 3 steps are followed you will be able to fly and will not need to wait for the card.
The credit card you can keep on you but if lost you will be required to resend an application form, pay R430.00 and submit an affidavit so that CAA will reissue the card.

NEW SAHPA Database

We are currently updating our SAHPA database which is terribly outdated. It is in the development stages and will be an online system whereby you can update all your personal information and in the very near future will be able to upload all your forms for renewals, applications, for students, full members, etc.

Chairman’s Note

Thank you to my team for all the effort, time and dedication spent to move forward and complete the projects in these challenging times.  Also, thank you to all our instructors for doing their part with training, upgrading several flying sites & instructing safely.  Thanks to our TFI’s who have also taken strain with no tourists visiting and have done their part in promoting our sport.  Now we are gearing up and looking forward to our coming flying season.

Please renew your licences in good time and refrain from flying if you do not have a current licence.