Biennial Licence Card and membership

Dear SAHPA members

Many of our members are aware that the licence card was going to be implemented by SACAA.  We have very recently, received notification that Phase 2 of the card licence project, which affects all National pilot licences, has been implemented as from 9 August 2021. 

The validity of the NPL (National Pilot Licence) will be for a period of 2 years. Subject to the submission of a new revalidation check. 

The annual currency fee that was paid to SACAA for 1 year, will now be payable for 2 years (i.e. annual currency fee x 2).

With the above information received, the SAHPA committee has agreed to adjust the SAHPA fees to accommodate the biennial membership validity.  However, the Aero Club fee will only be collected by SAHPA on an initial licence application and no longer on a renewal. All members are to remain members of the Aero Club and each member will receive an email directly from the Aero Club with the amount and processes on how to renew their Aero Club and FAI membership in November/December, annually. 

Kindly note that it is strongly recommended that competition pilots renew their FAI and Aero Club fees in December/January to avoid any problems when competing during the year.

The card licence will only be issued upon submission of the application documentation for either a new licence or the renewal of the competency of a licence. Please note that this card licence must be kept on your person when flying. The documentation must be accompanied by a recent passport photo (35 x 45mm), preferably in colour. In the case of a digital submission, the passport photo shall be of a high resolution.

All pilots will be required to submit a copy of their logbook with a summary showing that the annual minimum requirements as per the current renewal criteria has been met and is known as a new revalidation check.

The updated fees will be available on the SAHPA website as well as in the Renewal packs. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact the SAHPA office. 

Stay Safe

Best regards
The SAHPA Team.