Feedback regarding Lockdown restrictions

Dear SAHPA members, 
The SAHPA Committee continues to work at managing the daily interactions and documentation processes required by SACAA and DOT.
Herewith some feedback regarding the following:

Tandem flying

SAHPA has submitted an action plan for approval to SACAA and we are currently awaiting feedback. In the interim we would like to remind all tandem pilots and operators that until such time, our current policy is strictly no Tandem Flying.

We are also awaiting a written response to the request we have made at the highest level re: a status update for permission to fly from SANPARKS sites. Needless to say TFI operations are also awaiting feedback at this point.

Cross Country Flights

Some good news: the current provisions allowed to for training and proficiency flights via the current Notams and associated SACAA notices , wherein training flights with full stop landings at other airfields are allowed, which therefore allows SAHPA pilots in solo configuration only ( i.e. no tandems)  to enjoy the same privilege. Those performing skill tests and training may spread their wings a little and enjoy x-country flying to exercise their skills and stay proficient, expand those skills, and we suggest pilots try to remain within provincial borders.

Proficiency Flights

Proficiency flights via the CAASA and AeCSA website based systems (found on these organisations websites) are still in force and remember each pilot must register every 7 days to make use of this provision with the restriction that are applicable. This is applicable for all solo pg’s, ppg’s, ppt’s and hg’s. Please note the requested Sahpa number is your SACAA license number commencing with 027 .

Part 106 Submission

With regards to the new part 106, we encourage all members to go online to read and submit their comments on New Part (CAR Part106 ) before 24 August. The information is available on the SAHPA website.

Licensing & Renewals

SACAA is currently accepting email versions of your applications and renewals. Please clearly scan your completed and signed off documents into a pdf file and email this to together with proof of payment.

SACAA is taking roughly 2 – 4 weeks to process licences. An SMS will be sent to you once the licence has been processed. The batch of licences are then returned to SAHPA for distribution. You will receive an email from SAHPA to confirm licences have been received from SACAA which will then be distributed as per your instruction.

Fly Safe!
Your SAHPA Committee.