Competitions & Event Sponsorship

SAHPA is often approached by Event Organisers to provide assistance and sponsorship for competitions. The following is a guide based on policy decisions by the SAHPA Committee:

SAHPA Sponsorship

SAHPA will provide sponsorship to recognised clubs based on the following criteria:

  • Paragliding World Cup: R50 000
  • Pre-Paragliding World Cup status: R20 000
  • FAI-recognised competition (>60 entrants): R10 000
  • FAI-recognised competition (>40 entrants): R5 000
  • Fly-away event/skills camp (not recognised by FAI) (>60 entrants): R10 000

Sponsorship will be limited to safety-related and medical services (paramedics and ambulances).

Payment will be made on presentation of supplier’s invoice after meeting the following conditions:

  • All participants have valid SAHPA membership and SACAA (or IPPI equivalent) licences
  • Full payment will be paid after the event.

Documentation Requirements

The competition organiser is required to submit the following documentation to SAHPA for the registration of a competition with FAI, Aero Club, CAA, CAMU and SASCOC:

  • SAHPA Reservation Form
  • Response from CAMU to the Competition Organisers’s Application for Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA). Competition organiser to register online at least 7 months before the event.
  • Event application form for CAA
  • Endorsement letter from host province
  • Permission letter from Barberton Heritage Site committee (applicable to Barberton Heritage site only)
  • Endorsement letter from host city
  • Budget for the event indicating that the necessary funds are available for the successful completion of the event
  • Supporting documents from Sponsors endorsing support of the event (only if there are sponsors)
  • Project Plan & Business Plan (This can be fairly rudimentary as it is not a CAT 1 world championship)  
  • Endorsement letter of financial support from the International body (If FAI are giving support or a letter from SAHPA to state they do not) (Supplied by SAHPA)
  • Letter from SAHPA confirming the competition (Supplied by SAHPA)
  • SASCOC Bidding and hosting template to be completed
  • FAI Cat 2 registration
  • Endorsement letter from International Body confirming it is an authorised Event.  (This will be the FAI confirmation)
  • SAHPA sponsorship letter attached.