SACAA position on TFI flipping

Dear members,

There have been several developments in the past week which members, particularly TFI instructors, should be aware of:

  • The SACAA ASO committee will be meeting on the 27th October to discuss two proposals with changes to Part 141 (both SA-CAT 141 and SA-CARS 141). The overall thrust of these proposed amendments is to make it clear that flipping operations under an ATO or DTO is illegal:
  • On enquiry, Blake Vorster sent an email to SAHPA which stated: “Please forward my notes for the workshop to your members. An ATO and a DTO are training organisations and the lines have been blurred over the years. I cannot allow current flipping operations to continue under the guise of training and those organisations that have been doing so need to apply for a Part 96, Part 127 or Part 135 certificate as applicable or propose a different form of legislation to enable this, but it does not reside under Part 141.
  • Blake Vorster’s note (referred to in point above).

This potentially has a significant impact on the livelihood of TFI pilots, and SAHPA strongly urges TFI pilots to consider the nomination and appointment of a suitable, knowledgeable representative for this ASO workshop.

There are also rumours of an official notice from SACAA which will be published in the next week or two, which is expected to prohibit any further flipping.

The SAHPA Committee

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