Public Participation on Part 106

Dear Members,

The Proposed Amendments to CARS and CATS have been published by GNR 2085 in Government Gazette 46366 dated 13 May 2022, for public participation:

  • Schedule 1: Part 61 (Pilot Licensing)
  • Schedule 2: Part 101 (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems)
  • Schedule 3: Part 106 (Hang-gliding and Paragliding)​
  • Schedule 4: SA CATS 106 (Hang-gliding and Paragliding)​

SAHPA Members are hereby invited to submit written comments on these draft Amendments on or before the 11 June 2022 to the Chairperson: CARCom, for the attention of:

Sipho Skosana
Private Bag X73
Halfway House
Tel: 011 545 1095

Wait, what is Part 106 and how does it affect SAHPA members?

Part 106 is a welcome and long-overdue regulatory change initiated by SAHPA, which aims to move PG & HG technical regulations (CAR) and technical standards (CATS) from Part 62 (which is designed for general recreational aviation) to the dedicated Part 106, bringing it in line with international norms. SAHPA members are encouraged to read about the SAHPA Part 106 initiative by reading through the archives on the SAHPA website:

  • Part 106 Survey Results
  • Part 106 SAHPA Member Participation Process
  • Part 106 Submission to CARCom


SAHPA Committee