CARCOM 2020 Submission

Hello SAHPA Members

The SAHPA Committee have undertaken the much-needed regulatory re-write and hereby invite all current SAHPA members to comment on the Final Draft.

Our aim is three fold:

  1. Establish a practical licensing system which is fit-for-purpose
  2. Regularising standards
  3. Reducing regulatory costs for all SAHPA members. 

By way of explanation:

  • We were guided by the instructors seminar as well as the follow-up survey which was sent to all SAHPA members.
  • To enable a regulatory change it needs to be signed off by the Minister of Transport.
  • We are aiming at a submission in June 2020. This must fit into other regulatory changes that SACAA and industry are developing, namely the Declared Training Organisations (which will be a better fit for Paragliding and Hang Gliding).
  • We are planning to move to a world-leading, One LicenseOne Rating and Multiple Endorsement system. This will allow Paragliding and Hang Gliding (inclusive of powered variants) to do away with continual paperwork and submission to the authorities, and also reduce the cost of processing.
  • It will reduce the waiting time after completion of requirements, as these will merely be endorsed in your logbook or similar and not need the authorities to approve and issue licenses.
  • We will run off syllabi and sign-offs. 
  • This allows for seamless and immediate progression along with hugely reduced waiting periods to exercise new privileges and confirmed skills.

Where we are now

  • We have just submitted notification at the last CARCom meeting of our draft proposed amendments to SA Civil Aviation Regulations, Part 62 sub part 7 (HG) Part 8 (PG) and Part 9 (instructor requirements) inclusive of their Technical Standards and Appendices.
  • Our request to present the final proposed version has been accepted for the next CARCom with the aim for it to be published for comment in the government gazette.
  • We need to finalise our proposal and need your comments and suggestions.

Invitation to Comment

  • Phase 1 – 10 December 2019 to 31 December 2019. This will be for all SAHPA instructors. Current Grade A, B and C TFI. 
  • Phase 2 – All SAHPA pilots will be from 21 January 202 to 14 February 2020. 
  • This will allow the project team and the committee to finalise the final proposal for the regulatory amendment process.

Where to find the documents

This is a HIDDEN link and will not be found by searching on the SAHPA website:

The format of the documentation is as per the regulatory requirement. The comments must have your name and license number (ie. your 027 CAA license number.)

Please reference the TPM and MOP (available on the SAHPA website) to ensure you comment within the correct context. Once the regulations are complete we shall amend our TPM and MOP to align as required. 

Discussions may take place on your WHATSAPP groups etc. However only comments received via the SAHPA website (see link above) will be considered.

We believe these changes are in our collective best interests, however your comments and views are welcomed and important to this process.

SAHPA Committee