SAHPA AGM 2022 – Results

Dear Members,

Last night at the SAHPA AGM, the outgoing committee were formally replaced by the new volunteer committee consisting of:

  • Louis Stanford (Chairperson, Executive)
  • Pete Wallenda (Vice Chair, Executive)

As no nominations were received for other posts, it now falls on the new committee to identify volunteers and appoint suitable post-holders.

Vote summary

  • 353 votes received
  • Ronnie Beukes – 137 votes
  • Louis Stanford – 158 votes
  • 29 duplicate votes (only 1 vote allowed per member)
  • 29 spoiled votes, or from expired/invalid memberships

The voting record will be retained at the SAHPA office for audit purposes.

If there are any queries with regards to this notice, please contact the SAHPA Office with your concerns.


Louise Liversedge
The SAHPA Office