SAHPA meeting with Club Officials

Dear Club Committee members,

The SAHPA Committee will be hosting a one hour meeting with SAHPA-affiliated clubs on the 11th June 2024. This will be a virtual session, and will be recorded and minuted.


  • Progress update on SA-CAR Part 106
  • Summary report from ARCC Search and Rescue
  • Summary of complaints and disciplinary matters
  • Summary roadmap for the SAHPA Membership Administration System (MAS)
  • Proposal for the establishment of a quarterly forum with clubs
  • Proposal for the establishment of a Competition & Events Sub-Committee
  • Clarification on Aero Club membership

This meeting relates to all disciplines (PG/PPG and HG and variations thereof).

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Date: 11th June 2024
Time: 18:00 to 19:00

All club officials are invited to participate.

The SAHPA Committee