Preliminary Accident Report on Nigel Frith

Dear members,

On 25th February 2023, instructor Nigel Frith was involved in an accident on the mountainside near Wolseley in the Western Cape. Unfortunately, and tragically, he later died of his injuries.

The Accident and incident Investigation Division (AIID), a department which straddles both the SACAA and Department of Transport, gave SAHPA the approval to conduct a thorough investigation.

SAHPA approached Ria Moothilal, who kindly volunteered to conduct the accident investigation. Ria has provided a comprehensive analysis of the factors which contributed to the accident and published this in a comprehensive accident report:

SAHPA is publishing this report in the interests of learning and growth. We ask that pilots read and respectfully consider the contents of this Accident Report.

This report will be finalised once the medical investigation is concluded.

The SAHPA Committee is grateful to Ria Moothilal for the extensive and diligent investigation into this accident.

The SAHPA Committee