Safety protocol for Leentjies Klip Beach (Map of Africa)

Dear Members,

SAHPA has signed an agreement with George Municipality to address the use of beaches below the Map-of-Africa launch site in Wilderness during peak seasons.

Officials from George Municipality raised concerns regarding beach landings on days when high numbers of visitors would be expected on the beach (26th December, 31st December and 1st January 2024). This agreement is the summary of careful negotiation and mutually-beneficial compromises to ensure that the beach landing area remains available to SAHPA pilots while keeping the public safe.

We therefore urge all pilots to familiarise themselves with the safety protocol for Leentjie’s Klip.

Blue Flag Status

George Municipality has invested significant resources to secure Blue Flag Status for Leentjie’s Klip beach and the NSRI beach. These measures are therefore aimed at ensuring protecting the Blue Flag status and the safety of beach-goers.

  • PG and HG pilots must land only at the designated landing area.
  • PPG pilots may therefore not take-off and land at Leentjie’s Klip beach or the NSRI beach.

Designated Landing Area

Spotter drone and rescue helicopters

George Municipality will be operating both a spotter drone and rescue helicopter over the surf and beach during the festive season, and PG/HG pilots are therefore required to remain behind the railway line, and only crossing above the houses before landing at the designated landing area.

The drone will be equipped with a siren, and city officials on the beach will be equipped with smoke flares. These will be used to communicate to all SAHPA pilots to immediately clear the airspace in the vicinity. Thereafter no pilots may launch until given the go-ahead by the District Safety Officer (Jan Minnaar).

Proactive Safety Measures

Should the landing area at Leentjie’s Klip beach or NSRI beach be deemed unsafe for landing, the SAHPA Safety Officer is empowered to preempt an accident by closing the Map-of-Africa launch. However, the George Municipality Fire Chief has the final say and may override the SAHPA Safety Officer.

Map of Africa Membership Fees

The Map-of-Africa website has changed to All pilots using the Map-of-Africa launch site must do the payment BEFORE flying.

Signed Agreement