Search & Rescue at night

Dear Members,

We have learned of an ARCC Search and Rescue operation which took place near the Harties site on Monday 18th April 2022.

Edit: Initial information indicated that the rescue took place near the Bambi site near Lydenburg. This article has been updated to reflect the correct location.

There is very limited information available regarding this incident and we ask that the pilots involved please submit an incident/accident report.

Greg Critchley, who heads up the ARCC, contacted SAHPA with a concern that the pilot went missing at 16:00, but that the ARCC was only contacted at 20:00. This placed the rescue team under pressure to perform the Search & Rescue into the early hours of the morning.

Greg expressed concern that a delayed rescue puts not only the missing/injured pilot at greater risk, but also significantly increases the risks to the rescue teams.

SAHPA members are therefore requested to not hesitate before contacting the ARCC for Search & Rescue operations.


The SAHPA Office

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