The Future of SAHPA (invitation to meeting)

Dear SAHPA members,

SAHPA will be hosting a zoom meeting on the 15th of February 2022 at 18:30 to elaborate on the Declared Training Organisation (DTO) model (as introduced by the 21st Amendment of the Civil Aviation Regulations), and how this affects SAHPA and SAHPA members.

All SAHPA members are welcome to attend. The first 30 minutes will be aimed at all members to explain what the changes mean for recreational pilots, and there will be a short Q&A.

The remainder of the meeting (60 minutes) will be aimed at SAHPA instructors, however ordinary members may continue to listen if they wish.

Join Zoom Meeting

  • Meeting ID: 856 4201 6091
  • Passcode: 225622

The entire session will be recorded and published online on Wednesday morning.


The SAHPA Office