Landowner Restricts Tandems at Map-of-Africa

SAHPA has received the following notice from the landowner for Map of Africa in Wilderness, and has asked us to share this with all members:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Notice to all Tandem and Tandem Flight Instructors

Site: Map-of-Africa take off site in Wilderness

With immediate effect, only the following commercial or non-commercial tandem pilots will be permitted to launch from the Map-of-Africa:

  • Jan Minnaar
  • Chris van Noord
  • Pete Wallenda
  • Sue Wallenda
  • Deon Borrett
  • Leon Labuschagne
  • Theunis de Bruin
  • Rouberre Botha
  • Anton Van Der Walt
  • Michail Van Der Walt
  • Johan Anderson

Recreational solo pilots with a Map Jump Club membership are still permitted to launch.

Thank you

SAHPA Members please note:

  • The above notice was sent by the landowner, not SAHPA.
  • The SAHPA Committee did not compile the list of permitted pilots.
  • The SAHPA Committee is negotiating with the Landowner to address the key concerns about liability, risk and insurance. We are still in discussions with the land-owner, actuaries and insurance brokers, and hope to have The Map of Africa restored to normal operation in the very near future. Unfortunately, this was announced just before the festive season which has made it really difficult to find a quick resolution. The SAHPA Office will re-open on the 3rd January.
  • SAHPA members are requested to please not harass the land-owner as this could jeopardise negotiations.