Gatskop 2023

Gatskop was started in the mid-1990s (nobody seems to know when the first one was held). It is conceived as a friendly challenge for novice and experienced pilots. All paragliding schools are encouraged to enter their students and newly qualified students. Prizes will be awarded on an honesty-based system for spot landings, tasks completion, personal bests in height gain and distance flown. Instructors will fly with and lead their students. Over the years the event has become a regular feature of the paragliding calendar in South Africa, and it attracts pilots of all levels from across the country. The event is reserved for pilots that have duly registered for it.

Important note: anyone who may take the decision to come at the last moment is welcome, but he/she will be required to register, pay the registration fee and camping (if applicable) and prove that his licence is current or that he is a registered student.


Please come to the organisers desk (at camping or at take-off) and collect your welcome bag.

The bag contains, amongst others, two wristbands and, if you have ordered them, your t-shirt and braai and breakfast packs vouchers.

Wristbands: it is imperative that you always wear them during the event. The wristband is not only proof of your registration but also that your license is current. Please be all advised that, at SAHPA request, only pilots with current licenses will be allowed to fly during the event.


Camping spots for tents, caravans or other vehicles will be allocated on a first arrived, first served basis. Please camp in an orderly manner, we have more than 40 campers!

Daily program

We will have a briefing on the program of the day generally at 9 am every morning. Exact times will be announced on the WhatsApp group the evening before.

The briefing will encompass a weather forecast for the day, site briefing, any safety matters, flying program and evening program.

Transport to take-off

We have arranged transport to take off with two vehicles in order not to fill the parking area with cars and therefore allow for top landing. Only retrieve vehicles, with the retrieve tag will be allowed at the parking area near take off.

Take-off discipline

Due to the high number of participants we need to have some discipline at take-off, and we will implement a queueing system during busy times: check your gliders and equipment, strap on and be ready outside of the take-off.

area (you may use the parking area and then walk down to take-off). Pilots will be allowed on the take-off area only when ready to fly.


It’s going to be days of free flying and enjoying ourselves, but we will also have some friendly challenges and tasks, which will be outlined during the morning briefing. The skies will be busy, so strictly adhere to right of way and thermaling rules.

Friendly challenges

We have exciting prizes provided by our sponsors for:
Personal Bests – Altitude and distance – Novice and experienced, Tasks completion, Tasks completion in pairs – One Novice and One Experienced, Spot landing (for experienced pilots only).


There will be regular retrieve from turkey to take-off or camp. We have secured the services of several retrieve drivers, who will make use of transport made available by some of the participants. However, retrieve will only be available along the main roads towards Piketberg, Porterville, Eendekuil and Citrusdal on a radius of ca. 20-25km from take-off. We will set up a Retrieve WhatsApp group into which pilots are requested to set up live location and current location on landing. Pilots that intend to go for longer cross-country adventures need to make their own retrieve arrangements.


We have secured the services of two medics who will be present throughout the event.


Every afternoon after flying we will obviously gather at the camping site to relax, drink and braai, and to enjoy the music of Patrick/Radio Cape Town. A load of braai wood will be available: once finished wood can be bought at the farmstall.

Braai and Breakfast Packs

These can be collected near the swimming pool upon presentation of the vouchers. Breakfast packs from 7am and braai packs from 5pm. Scrambled eggs wraps are warm.


Soft drinks and snacks will be available for sale at the shack near the swimming pool.

Please note that the Farmstall will be closed on Sunday morning and will open only at 12pm.

The latest forecasts indicate that we will have cool temperatures, particularly at night. Bring warm clothes.


A big thank you to our sponsors: Devil’s Peak Breweries, Radio Cape Town, Wallendair, SAHPA and Laser Camp Products.


Chris Bond+27 72 871-3344
Michele Lodi-Fè+27 82 093-5587
Drew Kennedy+27 83 326-8689
Simon Pfotenhauer+27 82 436-9882
Nick Carpenter+27 79 226-1535