SAHPA Membership

Every pilot flying in South Africa is obligated to comply with the following requirements:

  • Must have a valid SACAA licence.
  • Must have 3rd Party Liability Aviation Insurance (note: your domestic insurance policy does not cover aviation-related claims).
  • Must be a member of the relevant Aviation Recreation Organisation (ARO). Please refer to the Civil Aviation Regulations, Part 94.06.1 (2) and 94.06 (3). SAHPA is the approved ARO for PG/HG/PPG.
  • Must have permission from the landowner to launch from the site. Refer to the Civil Aviation Regulations Part 94.06.2 (1)(g).
  • Must comply with the Civil Aviation Act, and also the Regulations and Technical Standards.

SAHPA Membership

Your SAHPA membership annual fee is included in a bundle that consists of the following:

  • SACAA Licence Renewal fee (required for local pilots)
  • SAHPA Membership (required to comply with Civil Aviation Regulations, Part 94.06.1 (2) and 94.06 (3))
  • 3rd Party Liability Aviation Insurance (required)
  • ICASA Radio Licence (optional)
  • FAI Sporting Licence (optional, only required if you take part in FAI-sanctioned competitions)
  • SAHPA Membership bestows permission on members to fly from all sites listed in the AIP ENR 5.5. See the SAHPA Site Register for details. This means that SAHPA members do not have to approach land-owners directly for permission.

Learner Membership

If you are a novice pilot, you must apply for SAHPA Learner Membership.

Foreign Membership

Visiting pilots may apply for SAHPA Foreign Membership (2 or 6 months).

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IMPORTANT: The SAHPA Site Guide is not a substitute for a detailed site briefing from an instructor or experienced local pilot. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information contained herein, pilots are reminded that the SAHPA Site Guide is based on a volunteer effort to make information freely available to the community and thus information may be out of date. Pilots are still required to use their discretion and common sense, and validate the information with each club.

Many of the sites described in the SAHPA Site Guide are privately owned. The landowner reserves the right to limit access to the site.