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Mpumalanga Province


A thermic winter site. ‘Lone Tree Hill’ stands forward of the rumpled border-hills of Swaziland. The White Cliffs behind takeoff provide good height gains (2000m), though big sink between thermals makes for slow flying.


Grassy slopes, landing fields everywhere, gentle thermals and regular climbs make this a perfect site for beginners. Conditions are milder here than the strong thermic flying experienced further inland.

IMPORTANT: The SAHPA Site Guide is not a substitute for a detailed site briefing from an instructor or experienced local pilot. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information contained herein, pilots are reminded that the SAHPA Site Guide is based on a volunteer effort to make information freely available to the community and thus information may be out of date. Pilots are still required to use their discretion and common sense, and validate the information with each club.

Many of the sites described in the SAHPA Site Guide are privately owned. The landowner reserves the right to limit access to the site.