A tricky site with better XC potential than the nearby Map of Africa, being one ridge back from the coast. Originally graded as Sport pilots only, it is challenging.

There’s a clubhouse on the launch site, and everyone is welcome.




+- S33o59.52’ E22o34’


situated on the Hoekwil road (which turns off the N2 just west of the Holiday Inn.) At the top of the pass, (you’ll have just exited from a gentle cut-away) take a very sharp left turn onto a narrow gravel road, sign boarded with a paraglider logo. Bear right on this, and park beyond the clubhouse. The launch site is on the SW of the house. ALTITUDES: 130m ASL, ceiling at 450m ASL.
LANDING: The sloping field dotted with small trees, directly below the launch site, is the easiest in a SE wind. If there’s more SW in the wind, then land in front of the B&B (it’s easy to find, the building has B&B painted on its roof). The gravel road is a good emergency option if there’s no traffic.
CAUTIONS: SE or SW wind will be diverted by the gully below takeoff and may appear deceptively S (straight up), so be careful if the wind is strong. You’ll get turbulence from the front ridge if you are low as you glide out. Telephone and power lines on the approach to the B&B landing.


PERMISSION: Contact the caretakers.

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