Soaring on a long, low shrub-covered ridge that runs along the beach.


S – SW


+- S34o04.42’ E23o01.167’


Easy takeoff from dunes 1km down the beach. Or on the top of the main ridge next to the Hotel, subject to permission. Sport Licence holders can launch and land from the grass in front of the Hotel (beware of the rotor from the cliffs). In strong conditions, Basic pilots (+5 guided flights) can launch from the grass (not land).


60m ASL, airspace at 750m ASL


Beach, or the grass lawn at the Hotel for Sport Pilots only


Take the N2 from Wilderness to Knysna. Before you cross the Knysna lagoon, turn left, then immediately right (under the bridge) towards Brenton-on-Sea. The road will take you all the way down to the Hotel on the beachfront.


Contact clubs. Land owned by Hotel and a private landowner

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