Brief description of site, in the relative context of mountain ranges or cities.


This section lists the minimum requirements, for instance:

  • Sport Licence (minimum)
  • All foreign pilots wishing to fly this site must also be in possession of a Foreign Pilot Permit.
  • Day-pass obtained from the landowner

Site Rules

This section lists the appropriate site rules, ie.

  • No smoking on the launch area
  • No parking outside of demarcated areas
  • No flying above the caretakers hut on the left
  • No littering


Significant GPS co-ordinates


This section describes when the site is workable (or not)

Weather Resources

List of websites which contain wind talkers which provide insight into this site.

Launch Site

Description of the launch site and surrounding areas. Photographs or diagrams would help.

Landing Site

Description of the landing site, and surrounding areas. Photos or diagrams would help.

Cautionary Advice

Specific cautionary advice to draw attention to hazards which may not be immediate apparent, for instance powerlines, wild animals or criminal hotspots.


Contact details of the caretaker or custodian of the site.