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This site is located directly above the little hamlet of St James, tightly wedged between Muizenberg and Fish Hoek. It is a rough, seldom-used site, perched on the edge of a very steep hill and requires a short but hard vertical hike.


  • SANParks Activity Permit
  • SACAA Sport licence
  • Valid SAHPA membership (Foreign pilots are required to have a Foreign Membership)


  • GPS: +- S34o06.815’ E18o27.464’
  • Altitude: 280m ASL
  • Airspace ceiling: 1200m ASL
St James is wedged between Muizenberg and Fish Hoek.
Satellite image showing St James wedged between Muizenberg and Fish Hoek.


  • Mild South (S) to South-East (SE)
  • The South-Easter backs up against the mountain, slowing the lower layers of wind. It is easy to underestimate the wind speed.


There are two launches, depending on the wind direction:

  • the South launch
  • The South-East launch


There is a narrow grass strip next to St James beach. Landing is heavily congested in summer, Muizenberg beach may be a better option.

The closest landing is the small grassy field next to St James beach. Be mindful of high-voltage overhead railway cables right next to this field.

Cautionary notes

  • Be mindful of the high-voltage cables for the railway.


Park near the Sharkspotters hut overlooking Muizenberg. Hike up Bailey’s Kloof, veer left at the top (SE launch here on ledge), continue on path till in front of the first small clump of trees (S launch).


  • The Glen Paragliding Club
  • SANParks

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