Original content sourced from Greg Hamerton’s ‘Fresh Air Site Guide’, 5th edition, 2006.


A surprisingly thermic site with a grassy launch and ample space for top-landing. Steep, wooded slopes drop off to the fields beside the sleepy-hollow town of Sedgefield. Wonderful views over the rivers and lakes, good height gains possible. Thermals tend to be narrow and rough, releasing off the line of tall trees half-way down the ridge.


  • Safe wind directions: SSE – SSW.
  • Safe maximum wind-speed for take-off: +/-22KPH
  • Be continuously aware of changing wind direction and strength. Keep an eye on the windsocks at Turkey and the Bowling Club.
  • Extreme danger when wind direction turns side-on (East or West). If this occurs: expect turbulence from trees, and land at the bottom rather than attempting a top-landing.
  • Never fly in a prevailing northerly wind, even if the wind appears to be coming up the face of the ridge – extremely dangerous.


  • GPS Coordinates (degrees): S34 00 21 / E22 47 39
  • Height ASL: 130meters
  • Max Height ASL: – 457meters/1500feet

Launching & Flying

  • A Sedgeview-specific permit is required to fly from Sedgeview.
  • No ACRO flying is permitted in front of, or above, the take-off/landing area.
  • Pilots are permitted to fly as far towards the East as is safely possible.
  • No Fly Zone: A no fly zone to the west of the launch site is clearly indicated by a orange marker on the ground. No flying is permitted to the west of this marker – see map for further clarification, or ask a local senior/commercial pilot. The ONLY exception is during northerly approach to the Bottom Landing, and then only at altitudes well below the ridge-line.
  • Site grading: Student/Basic.
  • Avoid flying low over the trees (rotor and turbulence)
  • Top landing: Beware of approaching from too far back and getting into “sink”.
  • If flying at Sedgeview for the first time, please report to a local senior pilot for further briefing.
  • Some of the trees on properties surrounding the Sedgeview site are commercially harvested and damage to such trees is to be avoided. Should a pilot and his wing become entangled in a tree/trees, please immediately report the incident to Site Management (082 298 3554 / 072 5060 951) or failing this, a local senior/commercial pilot who will inform the relevant landowners and obtain consent for access to relevant property, as well as any action that may result in damage to trees or property in an attempt to extract the wing. Under guidance of Site Management or the local senior/commercial pilot, the pilot should be safely extracted as priority. Should the subsequent retrieval of the wing involve access to private property or damage to any trees, this should only be done upon prior consent of firstly, Site Management or secondly, the local senior/commercial pilot.
  • Note that: Any life-threatening situation takes precedence – in a case whereby the pilot’s life may be in danger, whatever needs to be done to extract the pilot from the situation safely, takes precedence. A “local” ER24 paramedic may also be available (if not on duty) – the emergency number is 072 5060 951.


Take the last road that turns left off the N2 as you pass through Sedgefield (you’ll see a signboard pointing right to Egret Street, you turn left). Cross the railway line, bear left at any intersection, and drive slowly to reduce dust. A huge windsock is clearly visible, and the site is sign boarded with relevant contact details.


80m high (90m ASL, ceiling at 600m ASL)


  • Please respect the privacy of the land-owner.
  • Land to the west, near the Engine Garage (petrol station), only.
  • Do NOT land or walk anywhere near the farm house situated below takeoff.
  • Do NOT use the eastern farm-gate.
  • No motor vehicles are permitted to enter the farm – pilots must walk out.
  • Any pilot who tresspasses near the farmhouse or is associated with a vehicle that is driven onto the farm, will have his/her Sedgeview permit revoked and will be barred from using the Sedgeview site.


  • Thermals can be strong
  • Turbulent in SE wind. Break out and head for landing soon, as big sink can put you in the trees.
  • NO FLYING past the pine forest WEST of launch.


  • Roy Williams
  • Skywings
  • Skybound
  • Wild-2-Fly


Visit to get your permit.

Take note: The SAHPA Site Guide is not a substitute for a detailed site briefing from an instructor or experienced local pilot. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy and relevance of information contained herein, pilots are reminded that the SAHPA Site Guide is based on a volunteer effort to record and make pertinent information freely available to the community. Pilots are still required to use their discretion and common sense.

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