Original content sourced from Greg Hamerton’s ‘Fresh Air Site Guide’, 5th edition, 2006.

DESCRIPTION: A surprisingly thermic site. Steep, wooded slopes drop off to the fields beside the sleepy-hollow town of Sedgefield. Wonderful views over the rivers and lakes, good height gains possible. Thermals tend to be narrow and rough, releasing off the line of tall trees half-way down the ridge.

WIND: SSE – SW GPS: +- S34o00.633’ E22o48’

LAUNCH: A wonderful, grassed launch site with space for toplanding.

DIRECTIONS: Take the last road that turns left off the N2 as you pass through Sedgefield (you’ll see a signboard pointing right to Egret Street, you turn left). Cross the railway line, bear left at any intersection, and drive slowly to reduce dust. A huge windsock is clearly visible, and the site is sign boarded with relevant contact details.

ALTITUDES: 80m high (90m ASL, ceiling at 600m ASL)

LANDING: Landing options are great, with a large field directly below (bordered by tall trees) or off to the right beside the railway line.


  • Thermals!
  • Turbulent in SE wind. Break out and head for landing soon, as big sink can put you in the trees.
  • NO FLYING past the pine forest WEST of launch.

CARETAKERS: Roy Williams, Head for Heights, Skywings, Skybound, Wild to Fly.

PERMISSION: Visit, to get your permit.