Paradise Ridge

Original content sourced from Greg Hamerton’s ‘Fresh Air Site Guide’, 5th edition, 2006.


DESCRIPTION: Soaring heaven. 7km of virgin vegetation draped over a continuously perfect ridge, with the sparkling sea at your feet and the sky overhead.
WIND: S – SW GPS: +- S34o00.05’ E22o40.05’
LAUNCH: Cliff-launch, with clean and level layout area behind the crest.

ALTITUDE: 100m, airspace 600m.
LANDING: If the wind drops off and you are soaring below the level of the top of the ridge, turn back and try to land on the beach below the launch site, where there is a path up to the top. Or head for the Kleinkrantz dunes. Alternatively, land near the east end of the ridge and walk around to Swartvlei, where there is a carpark and easy retrieve.

CAUTIONS: If the wind is WSW, turn back towards Wilderness regularly to check your penetration as you progress east along the ridge. The venturi at the eastern end can become strong, pulling you around into the treacherous lee-side bay at Swartvlei. When launching, beware of the sudden impact of the wind – your pullup begins in wind-shadow. Step towards your wing, or use an assistant. No smoking.
DIRECTIONS: Easiest is to fly Kleinkrantz. Or pass the turning to Kleinkrantz on the N2, and continue for exactly 4km. You’ll pass the Kleinkrantz Sand Quarry on your left. An unmarked turning at the 4km point to the right accesses a compacted sand road, which will soon pass a deep sand quarry. The signs will eventually guide you to the parking area. Walk 500m from the carpark in a semi-circle east, then south until you are on the cliffs. Do not attempt the 4×4 routes without one – the sand is very soft, and you want to fly, not dig. This is private land so contact the locals first for current status.
CARETAKER: Bruce Watney (owner), Skywings. You may be charged an access fee.