Map of Africa

Original content sourced from Greg Hamerton’s ‘Fresh Air Site Guide’, 5th edition, 2006.


DESCRIPTION: A mellow site with a fantastic view, overlooking the tranquil Indian
Ocean and the holiday town of Wilderness. A favourite for flying schools.
WIND: S – SE GPS: +- S33º59.52’ E22º33.6’
LAUNCH: a gently-sloped grass field which becomes steeper – perfect!
ALTITUDE: 120m above the waves, airspace ceiling at 450m, George Airport to NW of
the site who must be notified.
LANDING: Anywhere on the beach, well clear of sunbathers and beach-goers. In busy
season, please land beyond (to the east) of the rocks which border the first section of
beach, as that is the most popular area for bathers. If you’re stuck without a retrieve
vehicle, a path leads up through the forest, beginning from the carpark area.
CAUTIONS: Avoid the sea at all costs, as the surf is powerful. If there are cat’s-paws
(streaks of wind) showing on the sea, beware of a dramatic increase in wind, which can
blow you over the back (go and have a look over the back, you won’t ever want to fly in
strong wind!) Once the sea has white-caps on it, it is usually too strong for safe soaring. If
you soar too far to the right, you’ll end up in the sea. When the wind is SW, beware! for
it curls up to takeoff, and appears flyable, varying between W and S at the top. As soon as
you fly out, you encounter heavy sink and turbulence, which has put many pilots into the
trees. When the wind is E, it is risky to launch. Powerlines to the West!
DIRECTIONS: Take the N2 to George, then on to Wilderness. As you enter town, turn
left past the garage, and drive around the Wilderness Karos Hotel, turning left at the
intersection beyond it. Bear right on this road which becomes narrow and climbs steeply,
until it crests the hill and passes a little shop. ‘Map of Africa’ signposts the turn to the left.
Follow this road until you come to the signposted flying site.
RECORD: Tom Edwards, to Buffalo Bay
CARETAKER: Jan Minnaar (lessee). No site fees, sponsored by Cloudbase PG School.
PERMISSION: Contact George ATC before flying (044 801 8809). Please obey the rules
posted on the site board, as the land-owner is sensitive.