Lockdown: some good news

We have some good news! Dear Pilots,

First to provide some context, I am sure many were flying this last weekend, BUT having to operate under schools AND with the requirement that such flights were conducted under a training / advancement curriculum rather than a demonstration of skills under an existing skills test. This is because the latter required pre approval by SACAA. 

There was some great flying in places this last weekend, but a reminder to please remember to maintain social distancing and Adhere to COVID-19 requirements as per the Approved Action Plan I.e. DO NOT publish photos that may exhibit lapses in social distancing, rather approach the necessary offenders and request that they observe the protocols as this oversight will jeopardise everyone’s flying.  SACAA does also have access to published photos.

Unfortunately, recreational and tandem flying are still disallowed however, MEMBERS MAY NOW PERFORM SKILLS TESTS UNDER INSTRUCTION WITHOUT REQUIRING PRE SACAA APPROVAL.  This removes a significant amount of red tape in allowing Instructional oversight.

The following licensing actions therefore no longer require prior authorisation from SACAA and may automatically be conducted:
− revalidation checks
− competency checks
− differences training
− familiarisation training

We suggest that all schools can now provide all pilots excluding Tandem pilots with this training noting there is no limitation within SAHPA for the number of flights or duration. Merely a skills test form must be completed at the end. 

FYI – We are also working hard on getting our Tandem operators and recreational pilots back in the air. We ask for your understanding and patience as this is no easy task. As soon as we have positive information we will let you know. 

As a reminder: we don’t make the rules and although we speak up and try and encourage some form of logical consistency, it does not always prevail, despite our many efforts, therefore please bear this in mind before taking out frustrations on your committee!  We are working for you and would like to be working with you – we no doubt all have the same desired end goal, the road is not always as easy as some would like to believe.

Thank you all for playing your part and assisting in getting our pilots back in the air.

Stay safe,