SAHPA Update on Lockdown Restrictions

SAHPA’s current position during this phase of lock down and the next phase of lock down regarding solo flying and our application to comply with the governments regulations to limit Covid 19 transmission to protect the populace is as a whole is as follows:

After assessing as much information as we could and discussing with many experts as well as similar organisations as ours, we have developed a submission which if accepted, will get our members flying again in a phased and controlled manner.  At present we are unable to fly in the next proposed phase but have accepted the President’s request to send in proposals for consideration

Our proposed strategy and methodology developed by the SAHPA team is both practical, workable and within the current Covid 19 guidelines. Thanks to all participants that helped in putting our application for consideration together. We will not be able to please all but believe our proposal is in the best interest of all.

We will keep all members informed via our normal portals. Please note there will be restrictions that will apply to solo flying. At present all tandem flying in any form is excluded in this submission/ application and may not be undertaken.

SAHPA team