SAHPA Response to COVID-19

What does the current Coronavirus pandemic mean for free flying in South Africa?

SAHPA takes the health and wellbeing of its members, clubs and volunteers very seriously and we are following Government and CAA guidance very closely.

Following the latest Government advice we urge everyone to follow best practice to minimise risk. We recommend SAHPA clubs to cancel or postpone any planned group activities, competitions and trips, and advise all SAHPA members not to take part in indoor group activities such as repacks and theory sessions until further notice.

We’re not saying that all your flying activity needs to stop. Flying itself is a fairly solitary activity and we recommend those who wish to carry on flying to do so, but to minimise your risk and your interactions with other pilots. It might also be wise to avoid using sites where the public presence is high. Staying fit and active is one way to combat ill health generally.

If you do fly, and are planning to fly XC, please pre-plan your retrieve. It might not be wise to jam into a car with 4 other pilots. Above all, the guiding principle should be common sense. Stay safe, look out for yourself and each other, and keep abreast of developments. This is a fast-moving situation so keep up to date with any updates on the SAHPA website.

Stay safe

Pete Wallenda
SAHPA Chairman