Legitimacy of COVID-19 Lockdown Regulations

Good day,

The SAHPA Committee have received many suggestions and demands since the recent high court ruling regarding the legitimacy of the COVID-19 lockdown regulations.

Many of you interpreted this as a justified reason to fly. However, the regulations under dispute will remain in effect for a period of 14 days while government officials update and prepare suitable regulations.

While we cannot stop any individual to exercise their civil right to self-determination and to fly illegally from non-SAHPA sites, we sincerely suggest against this course of action and advocate patience. 

We cannot and will not advocate breaking of any regulations.

Recreational flying is still prohibited. SAHPA therefore would be remiss if we advocate breaking the law.

Training via officially accredited training schools is permitted, provided the school complies with the SAHPA ATO protocols and the COVID-19 guidelines. Several schools have initiated this process and hopefully some will have received their letters to operate by this Friday. Note: These schools may only provide training as per the SAHPA TPM. Speak to your nearest school and learn a new skill.

We have not approved the provision of skill tests but there are avenues that may be utilised at your nearest school. This is up to each school to develop and present as long as they have SAHPA’s Covid protocols in place.

We are working at getting proficiency accepted at present and will advise in this regard.

Thank you

SAHPA Committee