SAHPA-Covid-19 Lockdown update

Hi All SAHPA members

As you most probably are aware, we have been actively working with the Aero Club, CAASA and SACAA on getting us all back in the air.  This most probably will be in a phased approach and the details of this and which lock down phase are not clear as yet.

This has been extremely challenging as we have to deal with the political hierarchy and all the processes that the government put in place.  We have put in a proposal for continued airworthiness flights for our aircraft that have engines. Secondly, we are part of a larger submission and discussions for opening up our training schools.

We have identified and limited this to some controllable main flying sites that may be allowed to operate with stringent Covid-19 regulations in place under the above mentioned protocols.

We shall send out further communication once this gets finalised in a detailed document. This is not easy with many discussions and often setbacks but we are persevering so our members can operate as soon as is possible as law abiding citizens.

Your Sahpa Team working tirelessly for our best interests in this challenging time.