Flying restrictions in Lockdown Level 1

Dear SAHPA Members / Instructors

With South Africa moving to Lockdown 1, some regulations have become more relaxed, however, with regards to the Protocols set in place for aviation these have not changed since Lockdown Level 2. Please continue to use the current SAHPA COVID-19 protocols as they remain unchanged.

Recreational Flying 
SAHPA Site COVID-19 registration protocols and the school registration protocols are still to be completed by all qualified and current solo pilots wishing to fly at each school or site as per SAHPA’s COVID-19 regulations.
Note: Training flights at the schools are still to follow the SAHPA ATO action plan.

All COVID-19 screening forms (Training and site logs) are still to be retained  and kept for auditing purposes. 

Stay Safe
The SAHPA team

Notice: Please check regularly for any information regarding aviation during Covid-19 lockdown.