SAHPA AGM 2021 – Wednesday 27 October

Dear members,

This is a reminder for the SAHPA AGM 2021, next week Wednesday (27 October 2021) at 18:30.

Proposed Agenda

  1. Opening / Welcoming 
  2. Apologies 
  3. Minutes from previous 
  4. Chairman’s report 
  5. Financials 
  6. Membership
  7. Regulations
  8. New Committee
  9. General

SAHPA members wishing to add agenda items may request this from the SAHPA Office.

Virtual Event

The event will be virtual, hosted on Zoom.

To join the Zoom Meeting:


Members are requested to please familiarise themselves with these documents prior to the AGM, as the committee will proceed on the assumption that everyone has read them.

SAHPA Office