SAHPA action during lockdown

18 May 2020

Dear SAHPA Members,

SAHPA action during Lockdown

We would all love to go flying and we do not see this as a risk to ourselves and to others.  We are able to safely adhere to all Covid-19 regulations but sadly we cannot go flying.

This is the same problem experienced by all sport forms.  

The way forward: 

  1. We must operate within the law. (NO ILLEGAL FLYING!)
  2. We have started a campaign to promote flying with SACAA and DOT from phase 5 already and continue in many forums to state our case and our wishes.
  3. We have been very active behind the scenes however with slow progress.  Our best guess is we might have a chance at level 3.
  4. As our communal cause progresses, we have to re-adjust our plans and strategy.
  5. We are working closely with Aero Club, CAASA are engaging with authorities on a daily basis through our channels that have had success in the past.
  6. The process for flying within Covid-19 regulation for maintenance purposes have been applied for and our team (Johan Anderson & Ronnie Beukes) are working on further options applicable to all sites to be suggested to the powers that be. (Note: it is not business as usual living in a regulatory effect of a declared state of disaster)
  7. We are working on getting a “boxed” flying zone at some sites with certain restrictions that we believe we have a good chance of getting approval.
  8. To assist us with motivation to promote flying, we urge you to click on the following link and add your say. We do however ask that all our members do this tactfully and respectfully to avoid our comments from being discarded due to abusive comments

A position as a reminder:

  • Flying is healthy
  • Fresh air
  • Vitamin D – sunlight
  • Good exercise
  • Healthy mind, body & soul
  • Immune system
  • Nature
  • Does not happen in crowded environment – outdoor
  • Social distancing applies as part of the nature of flying

Stay safe


The SAHPA Team