SACAA position on Speedflying and BASE jumping

“It has come to the attention of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) that there are flight activities encompassing general aviation operations and aviation recreational activities, being carried out in South African airspace by persons using equipment that fall within the definition of an aircraft, as listed in paragraph 2.2 (a) to (e) below, under the guise of “Speed Wing Flying” or “Speed Flying” or “Base jumping”, and which activities may not be complying with the South African Civil Aviation Regulations 2011 (SACAR). These activities must be conducted in terms of recognised forms of pilot training, licensing, approval, and oversight by the SACAA. Consequently, any such activities which do not conform to minimum standards adopted in ensuring safety and security may result in accidents and serious incidents, and are also subject to the enforcement duties and processes of the SACAA.

The SACAA, in line with its mandate to control, regulate and promote civil aviation safety and security, hereby issues this general notice to raise awareness of the applicable requirements for conducting civil aviation activities in South Africa. This is geared at ensuring that all activities carried out in the South African airspace are done in a manner that is consistent with the applicable provisions of the Regulations and do not pose a threat to the safety to people or property.”