Part 106 Submission to CARCOM

SAHPA Committee members volunteered to undertake the much-needed regulatory re-write and hereby make this final draft available for comment. The aim is three fold:

  • To get a more applicable license system in place that is workable
  • fits our industries needs while regularising standards
  • reducing the costs for all SAHPA members. 



We have submitted notification at the last CARCom of our draft proposed amendments to SA Civil Aviation Regulations, Part 62 sub part 7 (HG), Part 8 (PG) and Part 9 (instructor requirements) inclusive of their Technical Standards and Appendices. Our request to present our final proposed version has been accepted for the next CARCom with the intention to be published for comment in the government gazette. 

  • Phase 1 – from 10 December 2019 to be concluded by 31 December 2019 will be for all SAHPA instructors (current Grade A, B and grade C TFI)
  • Phase 2 – for all SAHPA pilots will be from 1 January 2019 to 20 January 2020. 

Discussions can take place on your WHATSAPP groups etc. as you wish. Only comments received via the Request for Comment form (below) will be considered.