Paramaniacs Club AGM – Committee for 2022/2023

The ParaManiacs Club had an AGM on 24 May 2022. The following people were nominated as Committee Members:

  • Stefan Ohsiek (Chairman)
  • Thomas Marx (Treasurer)
  • Ronnie Beukes (Safety Officer)
  • Ronnie Beukes (The Bay – Site Maintenance)
  • Ronnie Beukes (Skywalk School Representation)
  • Gilda Beukes (Club Marketing)
  • Gilda Beukes (Skywalk School Representation)
  • Nadine De Witt (Event Coordinator Lead)
  • Cecilia Denton (Event Coordinator)
  • Jess Freemantle (Event Coordinator)

Please contact Paramaniacs Club for more information.

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