Nominations for 2019/2020 SAHPA Committee

Dear SAHPA Member

Once again it is time to look at who will represent you on the SAHPA Committee. Nominations for the 2019/2020 SAHPA Committee members are due. The job descriptions are:


The executive committee will be charged with the running of the business of SAHPA, the determining of long-term visions and objectives and the
monitoring of those objectives.

1) Chairman – Board of Director

This entails the overseeing of all aspects of our organization. The chairman is responsible for the day-to-day running of SAHPA and dealing with ad hoc issues as they emerge, as well as a coordinating function between the various other officials. Another important function is keeping the committee on track with its stated objectives and goals and the development of a larger vision and strategy to deal with increasing threats from various outside agencies. Candidates must have applicable management expertise and/or experience.

2) Vice Chairman – Board of Directors

This person is the previous year’s chairman if outvoted or retains chair if voted and next best vote gets vice.

3) Treasurer- Board of Directors

This person is responsible for maintaining control of all aspects of the financial running of SAHPA and liaising with the secretary, accountants and authorities in this regard. Candidates must have an accounting background and at least some practical accounting experience.

4) Comp & Events Manager

To manage and drive competitions and events across sahpa. Create and manage sub committees for the 3 main sahpa disciplines

5) Marketing Manager

This person is responsible for all aspects of communication and marketing of the sport to members and potential members, planning and execution of media campaigns, finding of sponsorships, event and promotions. A strong marketing background is a requirement.


The technical committee will oversee the standards of training and licensing procedures as well as disciplinary procedures relating to the above. The technical committee will consist of one representative (formerly the NL&SO) for each section – being HG, PG and Powered – as well as the SAHPA Representative. Each Representative will appoint regional representatives at his/her discretion and in consultation with his/her members to assist in the day to day operations of the section. Each section Representative needs to be an experienced pilot with a solid standing in the community and must hold more than an entry-level license in his/her discipline.


Paragliding, Hang Gliding, powered (Includes all powered versions of the above PPG, PPC and PPT)


  1. Please note nominees must hold a current license for the appropriate section -e.g. you may only nominate someone for powered
    chairperson if you hold a PPG, PPC, PPT or PHG licence. The nomination form must be completed and signed by the nominee.
  2. Only paid-up, affiliated full members in good standing may be nominated.
  3. Nominations must reach the Secretary no later than 17 September 2019 via email, fax or post. The SAHPA secretary will personally
    contact the nominees for verification. Postal nominations: SAHPA cannot be held responsible should post not reach our post box by
    the due time due to Post office delays. A Motivation letter is to accompany the nomination form (one paragraph on who you are and
    one paragraph on why you think you should be elected to the committee in that particular role and one paragraph on your
    qualifications/experience for the post).
  4. Members may only nominate themselves for one position.
  5. All nominations must meet the criteria for that position. (see positions above)
  6. If no acceptable nominations are received for a certain position, the deadline for nominations may be extended until a nomination for
    that position is received.
  7. If only one acceptable nomination is received for a position, that person will be elected to that position automatically.
  8. Election process and deadlines will be as follows:
    ▪ Nomination forms and manifesto deadline 17 September 2019
    ▪ Ballots will be mailed by 21 September 2019
    ▪ Ballot deadline via online, post or email will be no later than Friday, 14 October 2019 (Ballot forms may be returned to SAHPA via
    post, email, fax or in person).
  9. AGM date and venue TBA
  10. The new committee (with a hand over period from old committee) will take over after the AGM has been held.
    Members of the Committee fill important positions, and the respectability of the sport is in their hands. This is the opportunity to get the person(s) of
    your choice on the Committee. Please bear in mind that the nominee must be willing to devote time and energy to the task, as a
    considerable amount of personal time will be spent on SAHPA affairs. Some personal expense may also be incurred in the fulfilling of a
    particular post.